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Dear Real Estate Investor,

Guess what time it is???? It's Rehab Case Study Time!

But before I tell you about the next Rehab Case Study that we have coming up, I want to ask you a question. Most of you know that my team at Progress Home Buyers has done over 125 deals over the last 4 years and we're doing 50 renovations a year right how many of you think I actually know something about renovating a property?

The answer is I don't know "diddly squat" when it comes to actually renovating a property. In fact, there is a joke running around the office about how physically inept I am when it comes to doing anything with my hands. I just don't get it. I guess I just don't have that side of the brain.

But I'm lucky enough that I have a business partner who can handle that side of the business for me and You're lucky enough that he's willing to share those secrets with you for FREE! That's what we do at our Rehab Case Studies and we have a new one coming up this Thursday, Feb 11 at 5pm at our newest renovation project in Arlington!

The Rehab Case Study is a great opportunity for you to learn and get a vision for what a complete rehab project looks like so that you can help grow your own real estate investment business.

Rehab CTA

*Must be in attendance at time of drawing to be eligible to win.

We typically charge $1,000's for this type of live, hands-on, rehab training for our Students so make sure you Pre-register right away. There's only a limited number of space available for our Students so don't delay.

To your success,

Gregg Cohen
Progress Home Buyers, LLC

6021 Greenberry Lane, Jacksonville, FL 32211